Reflection: Kathlyn Talapian from St. John's United Methodist Church, Oak Park, IL
Reflection: Haniel Garibay from Virginia Beach, VA
2010 Convocation - July 29-31, 2010
I attended the NFAAUM Convocation with a heart seeking to learn and be empowered. In this event, I gained more
than what I expected. Indeed, the convocation was a wonderful time to meet new friends, be inspired and to
discover new things about our faith and ministries. It was very heartwarming to witness the solidarity and faithful
service to God among the Asian caucuses.   
Before I share my NFAAUM convocation experience in San Jose just this past July I would like to thank our brothers
and sisters in the Japanese and South Asian caucuses for adopting participants from other sub-ethnic caucuses.  
If not for them I would have had to bear most of my travel expenses to the convocation by myself and further
strained my already delicate personal resources.  This is truly Christian sharing.  It recognizes no bounds.
Global Young People's Convocation 2010
2010’s Global Young People’s Convocation was held at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin, Germany where more than 300
United Methodists from around the world attended.  It was full of great experiences and worship.  Of the more than
300 people that came, over 100 were voting delegates coming from around the world.  Many “hot topics” came up in
legislation.  Although the people had their differences, all in all, through Christ, we made the decisions whether to
pass it or not.  From the 5 days that we were at convocation, I got a lot out of it.  It also brought me, as well as others,
closer to God.  The worships at GYPC-LA were like no other.  The powers of the different languages were amazing.  
Also, having the experience of using translator boxes was pretty neat.  Overall, I think the GYPC-LA was a success.
My Experience at the Global Young People's Convocation
by Candace Mae Laxamana from South Hayward United Methodist Church, Hayward, CA