Rev. Jacob Dharmaraj - Chairperson
Shrub Oak, NY
Hi SANCUM and NFAAUM Friends:

Tomorrow is the celebration of Christmas for Orthodox Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere while we celebrate
the Baptism of the Lord in our churches.  I am attaching a couple of articles that have been posted on the Women's
Division and GBGM websites which may be helpful to you and to your church members. Please share the websites with
our sisters and brothers in the Global South as well.  Thomas Kemper, the General Secretary of GBGM, has written an
excellent article ( on the Board's web site.

You may also want to read another marvelous piece in WWW.NCCCCUSA.ORG which Michael Kinneman, the General
Secretary of NCC, has written.  Dr. Kinneman has recently visited India to talk with Christians in various parts of the
country.  Glory has written an article about Baptism of the Lord which you may find useful.
Please continue to pray for the "Persecuted Christians" in Africa and Asia.

I will be attending a Consultation Meeting with some academic scholars and Asian leaders in L.A. during the last week of
this month to talk about some of our concerns and I will keep you posted of the developments.
With prayers,

Jacob D.
Post Office Box 18666, Oakland, CA  94619